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Healthiza is a global generic medicine manufacturer, supplier and exporter company in India. We are developing, producing, and distributing both generic and branded medications globally. Healthiza can provide all type of generic product solutions. We were founded in 2010 and counted as one of India’s major generic pharmaceutical companies. Many consumer and societal demands are met by our generic medicines.

When it comes to high-quality generic pharmaceuticals, we have a global reputation. Our world-class methodology and facilities, as well as a talented team, work around the clock to provide the best services available.

Our Range of Products

We are one of the reputed quality pharma company that have certifications of ISO, WHO & GMP. We offer wide range of product range that covers almost all segment of healthcare. It includes Anticancer injection, Nutraceuticals, HIV drugs and other variety of prescribed and over the counter pharma products. We are providing manufacturing service of generic medicines to many pharma and healthcare companies globally.

Current Trend for Generic Medicine

Generic medicines have the same active components as brand-name drugs and have the same strength. A patent is granted to the pharmaceutical companies that discovers and markets a new drug when it is first developed. The patent normally lasts for 20 years, allowing the original corporation to recover its research costs. A generic version of the medicine may become accessible when the patent expires.
The global need for generic pharmaceuticals is growing, and pharmaceutical companies are recognising the huge potential this sector offers. Drugs that are both effective and affordable are continuously in demand, making this a lucrative market for pharmaceutical companies.

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Healthiza is a quality centric pharmaceutical company. Our company offer best contract and third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing services to many pharma formulations. We are regarded for having the most comprehensive list of pharmaceuticals (with over 1000 medical products).
Healthiza is known as a leading Generic Medicine Manufacturer & supplier company in India as we offer a cost-effective manufacturing business opportunity. All our products are effective, safe and high quality in all terms.


healthiza life – one of the most trusted pharmaceutical company, with over 20 years’ experience in dispensing quality medicines.At healthiza , we help you look after your own health effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones anywhere in the world.


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