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Jitendra Lakhani

Managing Director

Every progressive organization has a clear objective. Our objective is very clear and straightforward: to provide high-quality healthcare to everyone at affordable prices.

Since our foundation, we have been committed to developing ground-breaking technologies and delivering research-based pharmaceutical products to meet people’s expanding healthcare demands. To make sure that the product, processes, and solutions match the highest worldwide standards, we created cutting-edge labs, installed cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, and assembled a team of highly competent scientists and R&D professionals.

We learned new perspectives and regularly revised our aims along the way. Given the rapid evolution of the global pharmaceutical sector, our goal for the next decade is to explore new areas of innovation and develop futuristic business strategies.

Our strength has been built on the stimulating support of our team members, associates, business partners, and, most importantly, our beloved customers. And we’re dedicated to investigating every possibility for creating long-term benefits for individuals as well as society as a whole.

Hardik Vaghasiya

Managing Director

Our healthcare system is still in its development phase. With an ever-increasing population, shorter life expectancies, and an increase in lifestyle diseases, both the public and commercial sectors must work together to enhance healthcare and ensure that everyone has access to it. “Medicine for Millions” is our philosophy.

To do so, we’re creating an efficient organization that embraces technology, invests in human resources and research, and creates an inclusive work environment where everyone can excel.

Despite the intense competition, I am confident that we have succeeded in carving out our own niche, for which I am grateful to our predecessors. Now we must expand, diversify, and stand shoulder to shoulder with other pharmaceutical leaders in order to truly bring medicine to the public.

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