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Need of an Oncology Drugs

Cells that divide uncontrolled and disperse throughout the body lead to the condition known as cancer. The bulk of DNA alterations that cause cancer occurs in gene-related regions of the body, which are to blame for the disease. Genetic alterations are another name for these changes. A timely and efficient course of treatment is required because it is a serious illness. Healthiza is one of the leading Oncology Drugs supplier company in India that offers premium quality medicines. We adhere to international quality standards to guarantee that our medications are very safe for patients.

Oncology Drug


About Oncology Medicines

Oncology drugs are therapeutics used to treat cancer. Cancer is a group of disorders caused by the uncontrolled development and division of aberrant cells.  Chemotherapy medicines, targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and hormone therapies are among the many types of oncology drugs available. There are also several types of medications available to aid with oncology drug side effects.

Oncology Drugs Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy drugs function by eliminating the body’s fast-growing cells. Cancer cells proliferate and develop at a faster rate than regular cells. Chemotherapy’s purpose is to minimize the total number of cancer cells in your body and the likelihood of the disease spreading to other parts of your body (metastasize). Many chemotherapy medications have been approved by the government. Your doctor may prescribe a single chemotherapy treatment or a combination of chemotherapy drugs to treat your cancer.

Oncology Hormone Therapy Drugs

Cancers that rely on hormones to proliferate are treated with hormone therapy. Certain kinds of breast cancer and prostate cancer may fall into this category. Prostate cancers are frequently fed by the hormone androgen, while breast tumours may be nourished by oestrogen or progesterone. Hormone therapy include the following:

  • leuprolide
  • anastrozole
  • letrozole
  • tamoxifen
  • fulvestrant

Oncology Targeted Therapy Drugs

Personalized medicine, often known as precision medicine, is a modern strategy that includes targeted therapies. Targeted therapies can find and kill malignant cells while causing no harm to healthy cells in the body. These medications function by preventing tumor growth by disrupting key biological pathways. A doctor will do genetic or biomarker testing to check if you are suitable for a certain targeted medicine. Based on the genetic mutations or other molecular characteristics of your tumor, the findings of this testing will help your doctor to make an informed decision about which drug is more likely to work for your type of cancer. The following are some examples of targeted oncology drug:

  • bevacizumab
  • alectinib
  • ibrutinib
  • imatinib
  • palbociclib

Oncology Drugs – Immuno Therapy

Immunotherapy is a sort of targeted therapy that targets cancer cells by utilizing the body’s own immune system. Cancer cells can hide from your immune system in a variety of ways, but immunotherapies function by disrupting these pathways. Immunotherapies have been licensed for the treatment of a wide range of cancer. Here are several examples:

  • nivolumab
  • pembrolizumab
  • atezolizumab
  • ipilimumab

Advantages of Oncology Medicines

Oncology drugs have numerous advantages. Depending on the type of cancer you have, these drugs may:

  • Cure Cancer
  • Prevent cancer from spreading to other regions of the body
  • Slow down cancer development
  • Shrink a tumor to make surgical removal easier
  • If tumors are pressing on a vital organ, such as the spine, they should be reduced in size.
  • After surgery or radiation, kill any cancer cells that remain.
  • Increase the results of other treatments

Other Treatment Options

Aside from oncology medications, there are additional cancer treatments accessible, such as:

  • Surgery to remove the tumor or tumors, as well as lymph nodes to prevent cancer from spreading,
  • Radiation is a type of cancer treatment that uses high-energy beams to kill cancer cells.
  • Stem cell transplants can help people with blood malignancies like leukemia and lymphoma by replacing damaged bone marrow with healthy stem cells.

Your doctor may prescribe one or more types of oncology medications, as well as radiation, surgery, or other methods of treatment, to treat cancer. Learn everything you can about a cancer medicine before opting to take it.

Top Oncology Drugs Medicines Supplier

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