Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company India

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company

Healthiza Life, a reputed Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company, was founded to meet all types of pharmaceutical product needs. Our ISO-GMP quality assurance procedures ensure that all products perform at their best. The automated and sophisticated production method has been prepared with the help of cutting-edge technology. We provide a comprehensive range of services as well as timely and dependable support to all of our clients.

Our contract manufacturing team is dedicated to meeting the needs of various healthcare companies. We offer a one-stop solution from product conception to final packaging.

Our Manufacturing Services

We are excited to help you with your pharma contract manufacturing needs. Our contract and third party manufacturing services are available to clients all around the world. We provide premium quality products with effective formulations that help you to gain high appreciation from your customers and market.

We produce a wide range of branded pharmaceutical preparations in practically any configuration. Importers, distributors, and agents are always welcome to assist us in bringing our products to their respective countries. We guarantee our customers’ complete satisfaction by:


Cost Effective Products

We maintain pharmaceutical contract manufacturing pricing under control to assure the product availability at reasonable rates for our customers and a successful business for us.


Quality Products

Healthiza is consistently ranked among the best pharma contract manufacturing companies when it comes to quality. We also ensures that your pharma company receives premium quality products with our contract manufacturing services.


Best Manufacturing Service

We are known as one of the best pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company in India because our manufacturing services, quality formulations, modern infrastructure is well known among customers.


Trustworthy Relationship

Any business partnership is built on trust, and contract pharmaceutical manufacturing is no exception. We develop long-term and trustworthy relationships as a contract medication producer.


Professional Assistance

Obtaining pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing services necessitates extensive professional assistance. As a contract pharmaceutical company, Healthiza provides complete professional support to its customers.



Any pharmaceutical company's backbone is research, which aids in achieving zero-error operations. Healthiza is a leading pharma contract manufacturing company with extensive research capabilities.


Our Salient Features

Healthiza also offers appealing dossier licensing options. Manufacturing services for all types of Generic Medicines, OTC Products, and Branded drugs are available in all formulation and product segments. Customers can also avail of cost-effective packaging, labeling, and regulatory services here. Healthiza provides flexible terms of trade and personal attention to each customer as a privately owned and fully autonomous pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Our products are of the finest quality while remaining reasonably priced, thanks to our advanced production line and GMP regulations.

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company Services

Our professionals will record and arrange your whole product definition information in a secure online environment, allowing everyone to operate on the same set of product data. Internally, your company will be able to share information quickly and securely. Outsourced partners and companies can also be invited to visit and work with information to the extent that you want them to. Healthiza overcomes the difficulties of working with an extended design chain, allowing your outsourcing relationships to perform better.

As a result, large-scale manufacturing capacities, highly qualified production and quality control staff, and state-of-the-art, WHO-GMP-certified production facility work together to create the ideal environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

Contact for Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services

Please contact us with your any requirement for a Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company so that we can provide you with our best rates. For export, we offer our products on a ‘third party basis’ and under a neutral label.
For your convenience, we invite you to visit our Plant at any time.


healthiza life – one of the most trusted pharmaceutical company, with over 20 years’ experience in dispensing quality medicines.At healthiza , we help you look after your own health effortlessly as well as take care of loved ones anywhere in the world.


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