Healthiza places a strong emphasis on quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA), as these are our major differentiators. We are able to improve our offers to our clients on a regular basis due to our strict adherence to cGMP requirements as well as our efforts toward continuous improvements of our product, process, and workforce skills. We place a high priority on quality control and employ adequate protections to ensure that there are no production issues.


All of our pharma products are subjected to intensive R&D and strict quality control tests in accordance with international standards.

For qualitative and quantitative analysis, we use precise and cutting-edge technologies such as a UV spectrophotometer.



Quality Control
Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional Quality Control (QC) laboratory ensure that all products are 100 percent pure, effective, and safe, meeting the highest compliance standards. These products are only released into the market after a thorough examination in accordance with stringent standards, methodologies, and procedures developed in accordance with international criteria, such as WHO-cGMP. Our Quality Control laboratory is a well-equipped facility that is located among the greatest pharmaceutical businesses. Our company also has the reputation of being a pharmaceutical sector pioneer.
The Quality Control department is completely equipped with current important devices for evaluating API, completed products, packaging, and other materials.

Quality Assurance
We assure that the products that reach end consumers are up to par and of best-in-class quality by maintaining the correct mix of innovation and quality. Our management assures that all of our products are of the highest quality and that the inner CORPORATE QUALITY ASSURANCE department has thoroughly tested them.

Committed To Quality Management and Compliance
In the pharmaceutical industry, quality management and compliance are important for getting safe medicines to patients who need them. During the drug development process, our primary focus is always on correctness, authenticity, and compliance. We interact and partner with pharmaceutical specialists to enable productivity solutions and technical choices at various phases of drug development.
We offer products that meet a wide range of specifications and are certified to international standards. We also provide complete quality documentation support to help with accreditation and audits.

It is essential to follow international quality control (QC) and pharmaceutical analytical criteria from the beginning of the drug development process.

Examine our entire range of portfolio solutions that are important to the different phases of pharmaceutical analysis and QA/QC.


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