Lapatinib 250mg Tablet

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Pharmaceutical form Tablet

Category Anti Cancer

Brand Name Lapatinib 250mg Tablet

Content Lapatinib 250mg

Pack 50 Tablets

Therapeutic Use It is used in the treatment of breast cancer.

What is Lapatinib 250mg Tablet?

Lapatinib 250mg Tablet is used with capecitabine in the treatment of specific type of advanced breast cancer when other chemotherapy drugs have failed to control it. Additionally, letrozole and lapatinib tablets are used to treat a specific type of breast cancer in postmenopausal women (women who have undergone a change in their menstrual cycle or have experienced a change in their way of life) that has spread to other body regions. Lapatinib belongs to the group of drugs known as kinase inhibitors. It functions by preventing the unusual protein from signalling the growth of cancer cells. This is helpful in preventing or reducing the growth of cancer cells.

How to Use - Lapatinib Tablet

  • Lapatinib is available as an oral tablet. The normal dosage is one dose per day, at least an hour before or after meals.
  • Lapatinib is typically used once day along with letrozole for treating postmenopausal women with breast cancer.
  • Do not divide the lapatinib tablets into multiple doses; take the entire daily dose at once each day. Take lapatinib every day at about the same time. Pay close attention to the instructions on your prescription label.
  • Consume Lapatinib 250mg tablet exactly as prescribed. Never take it in larger or less amounts or more frequently than directed by your doctor.
  • Do not chew, break, or crush the tablets; instead, swallow them whole.
  • Throughout your treatment, your doctor might slowly raise or lower your lapatinib dosage. This is dependent upon your own response to the medication and any potential side effects.
  • Regardless of how you feel, keep taking lapatinib. Without consulting your doctor, do not discontinue taking lapatinib.

How Lapatinib 250mg Tablet Works?

Lapatinib 250mg Tablet is one of the effective anti-cancer drug. The human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 protein (HER2) and epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFRs), which are in charge of cellular overgrowth, are inhibited by this treatment. This is how it prevents malignant cells from spreading and triggering downstream signalling pathways.

Benefits of Lapatinib Tablet

In Breast cancer,

Lapatinib 250mg Tablet is a helpful in the treatment of breast cancer and can be used either alone or in conjunction with other drugs or methods of therapy like chemotherapy. It helps breast cancer symptoms such breast lumps, bloody nipple discharge, or changes in the breast's form or texture. Lapatinib destroys cancer cells or inhibits their growth and also stops cancer cells from proliferating. If you have any concerns about any of the adverse effects, talk to your doctor.

Precautions For Lapatinib

Before receiving Lapatinib Tablet

  • Inform your doctor if you have any allergies with lapatinib tablets or its ingredients.
  • Inform your doctor about all prescription, OTC, vitamins, and dietary supplements you are currently taking.
  • Inform your healthcare experts if you ever had heart disease, low blood potassium, magnesium levels, irregular heartbeat, or lung diseases.
  • Inform your doctor, if you are planning to pregnant. Before beginning treatment, you must take a pregnancy test. If you're a woman who has the potential to get pregnant, you must take reliable birth control method.
  • If you are currently breastfeeding or intend to do so, let your doctor know.
  • You should be aware that lapatinib frequently causes severe diarrhoea. If you experience diarrhoea while using lapatinib, contact your doctor. To control the diarrhoea and prevent dehydration, your doctor may advise you to drink lots of fluids, modify your diet, and use medication.

Lapatinib Tablet - Side Effects

There could be negative effects from Lapatinib tablets. Any of these signs that are serious or do not separated should be discussed with your doctor:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Heartburn
  • Infections in the mouth, throat, or lips
  • Lack of appetite
  • Tingling, numb, or aching hands and feet
  • Skin dryness
  • Discomfort in the back, legs, or arms
  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep
Your heart's beat and blood circulation throughout your body could be affected by lapatinib.

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All our products are subject to strict safety requirements


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