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What is Loratidine Tablet 10 mg?

Loratidine Tablet 10 mg is an antihistamine that is used to reduce the signs of hay fever (allergic reactions to pollen, dust, or other airborne particles) and other allergies. Sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes, nose, and throat are some of the symptoms. Hives are also treated with loratidine to relieve itching and redness. Loratidine, on the other hand, does not protect against hives and other allergic skin irritation. It belongs to the antihistamine class of drugs. It works by preventing histamine, a chemical in the body system that produces allergy symptoms.

How to Use

  • Loratidine is available as a liquid, tablet, and dissolving tablet for oral use. It's taken once a day, both with and without food. Carefully follow the recommendations on the package label. Take loratidine accurately as prescribed by your doctor.
  • If you're taking a dissolving tablet, make sure you follow the package instructions for removing the tablet from the blister pack without breaking it. If you try to press the tablet through to the foil, it will break. Put the tablet on your tongues and close your mouth as soon as you remove it from the blister container. The pill dissolves fast and can be taken both with and without water.
  • If your hives are bruised or blister, have a strange colour, or don't itch, don't use loratidine. consult your doctor.
  • If your hives do not recover after the first three days of treatment or if they last longer than six weeks, stop taking loratidine and contact your doctor.
  • If you are using Loratidine Tablet 10 mg for hives and experience any of the symptoms listed below, get immediate medical attention: Wheezing, drooling, dizziness, difficulty in swallowing, speaking, breathing problem, unconsciousness and swelling in and around the mouth or swelling in tongue. These could be signs of anaphylaxis, a allergic reaction. If your doctor believes your hives could cause anaphylaxis, he may recommend an epinephrine injector (EpiPen).

Benefit of Loratidine Tablet

  • loratidine Tablet relieves symptoms such a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. It will be easy for you to get on with your everyday tasks as a result of this.
  • It can also help with allergic reactions from bug bites, as well as hives and eczema symptoms like redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation. This will enhance the skin appearance, and you may also notice an improvement in your attitude and self-confidence.
  • It has few major side effects, and you should only have to take it on days when you are experiencing symptoms. This medication is quick-acting and has a long-lasting effect (24 hours). Furthermore, comparison to other antihistamine medicines, Loratidine Tablet 10 mg may cause you to feel less tired. To receive the maximum benefit from it, you should take it on a regular basis if you're getting it to prevent symptoms.

Side Effects of Loratidine

  • This medication normally has no negative side effects. If you experience any odd side effects, call your doctor immediately.
  • This medicine rarely causes a severe allergic reaction. However, if you detect any symptoms of a major allergic response, such as a rash, itching/swelling, extreme dizziness, or problems breathing, seek medical treatment immediately.
Some Tips for Loratidine Tablet
  • Loratidine Tablet 10 mg was given by your doctor to help reduce allergy symptoms like itching, swelling, and rashes.
  • It is far less liable to make you sleepy when compared with other types of medications.
  • Dizziness and tiredness might occur while vehicle driving and doing something that requires attention.
  • Alcohol should not be consumed while using this medicine since it may cause drowsiness.
  • loratidine Tablet should be stopped at least 3 days before an allergy test, as it may alter the results.
  • Children under the age of 12 should not be provided loratidine Tablet.
  • Before taking loratidine Tablet, people with underlying medical issues such as liver or kidney disease, diabetes, or convulsions should visit their doctor.

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