Normal Immunoglobulin

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Pharmaceutical form Injection

Category Anti Cancer

Brand Name Normal Immunoglobulin

Content Human Normal Immunoglobulin (95%)

Pack 1x1vial

Therapeutic Use Immunoglobulins deficiency

What is Normal Immunoglobulin?

Normal Immunoglobulin is a type of protein that substitutes insufficient antibodies that are needed to fight infections and inflammation. It functions in the same way that the body's immunoglobulins do. These are a component of the immune system that recognizes antigens or foreign substances in the body and helps to destroy them. It also aids in the reduction of inflammation by boosting immunity.

How To Use

  • Injections and infusions of Normal Immunoglobulin are available. Do not self-administer the injection or infusion; instead, get it done by a skilled healthcare professional.
  • Injections are given subcutaneously (under the skin), while infusions are delivered intravenously (into a vein). 

The Functions of Normal Immunoglobulin

Immune globulin is an immunostimulant, which means it stimulates the immune system. It works by creating antibodies that fight infection by manufacturing antibodies against foreign molecules.

Side Effects of Immunoglobulin

There are some side effects of Normal Immunoglobulin such as Backache, Chills, scrubbing (sense of warmth in the face, ears, neck and trunk), Dizziness, Headache, Nausea, and Blood pressure is lower, which is a good thing. Muscle ache, Heart rate is low.

Some Tips for Normal Immunoglobulin

  • It is used to treat disorders that are caused by a lack of antibodies in the bloodstream.
  • It can be injected into a muscle or injected under the skin.
  • Your doctor will keep an eye on you for a while after you have had Immunoglobulin to see if you have developed any negative effects.
  • If you don't know how it affects you, don't drive or do anything else that requires concentration.


  • What should I know about Immunoglobulin?
  • Some vaccines (such as measles/mumps/rubella or chickenpox vaccines) are less effective when it is present. So, before getting any immunizations, tell your doctor that you are receiving it.
  • Is it OK to stop taking Normal Immunoglobulin if I'm feeling good?
  • No, this simply indicates that your treatment is working effectively for you. Do not discontinue using this medication without first visiting your specialist.
  • When will Immunoglobulin begin to work?
  • It could take 3-4 weeks for your symptoms to improve. This time frame varies depending on the type of sickness you have and how you respond to treatment. Consult your doctor if you're unsure.
  • Can it cause hair loss?
  • Hair loss is not caused by it. If you're losing your hair, it could be a sign of something more serious. If it affects you, please see your doctor.
  • Is it safe to use Immunoglobulin if you have diabetes?
  • If given as an infusion, it should be used with caution in diabetic patients since it may affect blood sugar levels. Although it contains no sugar, it can be diluted in a specific sugar solution before being given as an infusion.

Normal Immunoglobulin Supplier

Healthiza is one of the leading Normal Immunoglobulin supplier and manufacturer, offering the best quality medicine globally through a validated cold chain secure shipment process. We use this process to manufacture, store and deliver medicines at a very specific temperature. Customers can avail of this premium quality pharma product at an affordable price from us.

Information for the patient

Read the package leaflet for indications, contraindications, side effects, dosage as well as information on the use of this product, or consult your doctor or pharmacist before use. Misusing medicines may be dangerous to your life or health.

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All our products are subject to strict safety requirements


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